is our core activity,
based on a human relationship between a team
and a family, a professional and a child.
Babilou team works hard on a daily basis
to help every child realise his or her potential.
They provide kind and caring support
to families in order to help them achieve
a perfect work balance.

  • Providing care
    for children

    is our core activity,
    based on a human relationship between a team and a family, a professional and a child.
    Babilou teams work hard on a daily basis to help every child realise his or her potential.
    They provide kind and caring support to families in order to help them achieve a perfect work-life balance.

Our missions

Offering families tailored and qualitative childcare

The Babilou Group provides collective childcare which particularly appeals to parents for:
• its reliability
• its professional and multi-disciplinary teams
• its safe and adapted environment
• its focus on stimulation and children’s early development
• the socialisation it offers children

Helping families achieve a work-life balance

Whatever the country or culture, the question of achieving a work-life balance is a daily challenge for most parents. Companies are now aware that social and economic performance go together, and therefore increasingly offer day nursery places to their employees.
As such, they leverage HR performance factors making a concrete commitment towards equal employment opportunities between men and women.


of mothers with a Babilou day nursery place say that their return to work has been made easier after their maternity leave. *

*Out of 1868 parents-families interviewed during Babilou 2013 satisfaction survey


of parents with a Babilou day-nursery would be happy to recommend their nursery*

*Out of 1868 parents-families interviewed during Babilou 2013 satisfaction survey

Our story

A pioneer who is now market leader

The story begins in March 2003 with the creation of Babilou by two brothers, Rodolphe and Edouard Carle. A few months later, the first Babilou day nursery opened in Paris. Babilou quickly became a major player in the childcare sector.

Between 2008 and 2010, many successful entrepreneurs from the childcare industry joined Babilou to create together the Babilou Group.

In 2013, Babilou Group was the top performing French company among all companies created in 2003, winning the Trophée de la Décennie award.

Today, Babilou Group is the largest network of private childcare and childminding facilities in France. It started developing outside France in 2013 to grow as a European leader in 2014.

OUR Solutions

Conceiving and managing nurseries

Our daycare centers guarantee a comfortable and safe environment for both staff and children.

All of the health and safety regulations in force in the country are respected: high staff-to-children ratio, high-level diplomas and qualifications of the pedagogical staff, and and outstanding premises with an emphasis on children’s physical and affective safety.

Assisting companies on parenthood-related issues

Concern for family life becomes a key issue for companies. We are there to help them implement their childcare policy, taking into account their corporate culture and needs.

From booking of places, choice of eligibility criteria, management of enrolment campaigns, communication with employee-parents, trough to follow-up of beneficiary families, we offer every client company full and tailored support to integrate their childcare policy into their overall social policy.

Building a network of nurseries

Our network of nurseries makes it possible for every employee to get a place in a day nursery, taking into account their geographical situation: close to home, between home and workplace or close to the office.

Our pedagogical approach

  • Babilou nurseries are designed to enable children to move freely and safely
    Equipment and furniture are adapted to the children’s size, favouring exploration.
    « The Babilou day-nursery is the children’s second home, a place where they meet their first friends and learn to discover the world in a welcoming environment. »
  • Our professionals take part to regular training.
    Babilou professionals organize various games and early learning activities around the children’s paces and sleep needs:
    The younger discover the world around them through various activities like listening to music from all around the world, motor skills training sessions or language excercices. The older try thir hand at painting and singing and get lots of physical excercices !
  • In our nurseries, we make sure that parents feel welcome
    Every day our professionals take time to tell families about their child’s achievements.
    « I always feel excited to learn about my child’s achievements during the day. »
  • Focusing on our professionals well being is key to the children’s well-being
    The well-being of our professionals has a direct impact on the way they perform they everyday job. This is the reason why Babilou devotes so many actions to its professionals all year long.

Our values



Being attentive to one another, showing respect for others, supporting the children, their families, our professionals, our clients and our partners.



Always being mindful that families entrust us with the person who is most precious to them and that our decisions have a direct impact on their children’s care and well-being. Understanding the meaning of our job at a society level.
Being aware of our responsibilities. Committing to the development of all our teams.



Considering that there is richness in diversity and that by listening to and taking into account different points of views, we can make our actions more meaningful.
Constantly seeking to innovate.



Working everyday on improving our care for the children and their families, the well-being of our employees and the satisfaction of our customers.
Showing modesty, pragmatism and dedication to this process of continuous improvement.


Team spirit

Believing in individual and collective talent, intelligence and social responsibility.
Considering that working together is a strength and that everyone can contribute.
Remaining united. Sharing in difficulties as well as in success.

And thus Together We Grow

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